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Cardilli no Senshuken
A sci-fi furry universe, by LH-chan.

Three of the Main Characters. (From left to right; Nyanza Deseray, Jessica Shardiana, and Aerial Delanno)

     The followers of an ancient evil are decending upon the star-system Cardilli, and the warriors of Cardillian Defense are powerless to stop it.
The system places its hope in their Seer Guardian; her duty, to find their legendary Champion: the Cardilli no Senshuken, who can save them all from certain destruction.
But could such legendary power lie dormant in the body of a young vagabond vixen?

     There will be violence, angst, death (it is a story about a war after all =^_~=), shoujo-ai, and work-in-progress-ness (ie. things will change from time to time, according to feedback and my whims).
Still sound interesting? Go forth and have fun! =^_^=

LH-chan! =^_^=

Updates: (9/3/01)

  • Piccies! Character sheets for several of the existing and upcoming characters.
  • A link banner, for all the nice people who would like to link here.
  • Added the e-mail link in the navi-bar at the bottom of the page.

Book #1
Prophecy—the First Revelation

Chapter #1
Character Sheets:

Aerial Delanno
Nyanza Deseray
Logan Ferral
Dianna Iiah
Jessica Shardiana #1 (Sataria)
Jessica Shardiana #2 (Racing Armor)
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Cardilli no Senshuken and all characters and situations are © Lisa Hartsock (LH-chan) '97-'01.

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