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Insuring that few are left out...

  Site created on the plain ol' Windows Notepad.

  All uploading not done in a file manager done with FTP Explorer.

  Graphics created with Paint Shop Pro 5, and gorgeous-ified in Blade Pro. Transparancies finished with the GIF Construction Set. Massive file sizes minimized by the GIF Optimizer and GIF Cruncher.

  Webspace provided by Tripod and 100 Megs Free (who, unlike Geocities, doesn't suck =-_-;=).

  Counter & tracking by

  CGI (just the Mailing List at the moment) remote hosted by I'm too lazy to write my own CGI. =^_^=

  Woefully unused guestbook provided by Dreambook.

  E-mail addresses protected from obnoxious spammer types thanks to the SiteUp Encoder. This thing works the best of all!

  Site rated by RSACi and SafeSurf.

  All useful free stuff found by scouring The Free Site.

  Special thanks to (once, now, but I like "Lightspeed" better =^_^=), my ISP. It all starts with them. *shudders* =^_^=

  Character graphics (like the ones in the free graphics section) created from screen-snaps of emulated games in SNES9x (which I'll link to when I find the site again).

  Eye-candy text effects inspired by those at Millenium.

  The current logo fonts are: "Another," used for most of the titles. "Comix," used for the URL and subtitles. "Katana," used for the logo in the "Jiten". "Prima" (also called "Young Star"), used for the "Hashirigaki" title. "Amaze", used for the "Cardilli..." logos. "Cobb", used for the LH-chan siggie. And "PJ Katakana", the Japanese font.
Before that "X-Files" then "Notepad" were the title fonts.
The site text font is "Arial" or "Helvetica".

  The the beautiful lightning bolts in the logo were not made by me...I have no idea who made them, or where they came from, but I'm not that clever. =^_^=

  The sidebar images on the free Rayearth, Dragonball, and SWAT Kats graphics pages were not scanned by me (I tweaked them a little tho' =^_^=), I found them on an archive somewhere. :P

  Raidioactive folder icon from the Happy Icons collection, which I can't find anymore. :(

  But the lil purple flame is mine and I'm really proud of it. You can take it if you want, but please give credit. =^_^=

  I like purple, green, black, and never woulda guessed that, huh... =^_~=

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