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'Cause my brain likes to write stories, doncha know =^_^=

    (SWAT Kats)
    Warnings: None...well maybe a little terrorist plotting... =^_~=

     The night before the episode "The Dark Side of the SWAT Kats", Dark-side Jake reflects on how he and Chance came to be what they are. You kinda have to have to see the episode to totally understand this story.

Catastrophe at Stone Cove: Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3 || Part 4 (Final)
    Warnings: Satoshi pain, Pikachuu pain. Use of dub names (sorry =^_~=).

     In an out of the way town, Team Rocket comes up with a plan that really works to capture Pikachu...using a Thunderstone to evolve the little mouse and make her loyal. Now, can an injured Ash and his friends possibly get the Pikachu they knew back.

Through the Eyes of Those Observing: Kasumi || Takeshi || Shigeru
    (Pocket Monsters)
    Warnings: None

     The characters present at the end of the Sekai tournament think deeply about Satoshi and all that happened there. (Eventually I intend to do everyone, Hiroshi, Hanako, Ookido, Satoshi himself, hey maybe I'll even do Pikachuu. =^_^= Though I think at this point I need to see the episodes again before I continue this.)

Rise the Berserker
    (The Westlakean)
    Warnings: Piles of bodies, lots of blood...breifly described, but its there. =^_^=

     Omi, afraid for his life and injected with adrenaline.
An attempt at a first person view of becoming the Berserker, from Omi's perspective.

Small Gestures
    (Shin Kidosenki GundamWing)
    Warnings: Duo pain; minor 1+2 shounen-ai; minor swearing.

     Written after a piece of fanart I saw I while back. I wanted to write a story where Heero braids Duo's hair. ya go, complete with lots of other cute Heero moments too. Duo first person.

Cardilli no Senshuken
    (Original Universe)
    Warnings: Angst, death, violence, minor shoujo-ai as the story progresses.

     The oft-spoken-of universe from which Jessica, Nyanza, Logan, and Aerial come. Yep, I think I've got a handle on the story now, so I'll post it again. On it's own page and everything.
Feedback...please... =^_^=

    (Shin Kidosenki GundamWing)
    Warnings: Minor 1+2 shounen-ai.

     A short little ficlet that jumped into my head and said "write me dummy."
Duo's going to take on a suicide mission alone, and Heero's worried about him. A perfect chance to play with Heero's Spaceheart a little bit. =^_~= Heero first person.

Can't Stop
    (Shin Kidosenki GundamWing)
    Warnings: 2+1 shounen-ai; sugar-sweet enough to rot your teeth.

     A little fic that stayed in my head for ages until I got a chance to write it. Duo & Heero have a cute little tender moment. Nothing but sugar-fluff. =^_^= Heero first person.

    (Shin Kidosenki GundamWing)
    Warnings: None really...might be a little disturbing.

     A dark little ficlet that might have more parts one day. A POV of a young Gundam pilot, lost and alone with his home colony dying around him. Could be almost any of them really, but I was thinking of Heero when I wrote it.

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