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        LH-chan! '99

I can hear that idiot Chance destroying another punching bag in the training room.Even though it's clear across this pathetic excuse for a shack.The walls 're so thin it sounds like he's standing beside me.
I don't care, it's like this every night.That's where he spends his nights, this is where I spend mine--stretched out along the couch, thinking until I fall asleep.

My thoughts have drifted to our position, lately, all but prisoners here; in this dump far from Megakat City.As well as all that transpired immediately before...and since.
Always bringing my mind back to one kat:Feral.
That's one kat I won't miss, after Chance and I lift the final part for Dark Kat's bomb and waste this city.

Yeah, Feral's the one who started all this.Him, and his stupid ego.
It was our tag, but he couldn't stand that, couldn't stand anyone else being responsible for the capture of the infamous Dark Kat.
He knocked us out of the sky.Managing to wipe out half of his new headquarters, and let Dark Kat escape single pawed.
Guess his little brain and big ego couldn't take that eather. 'Cause b'fore we knew it, he'd blamed the whole disaster on us.Throwing me an' Chance off the force and condemning us to this accursed salvage yard for at least the next twenty years.Spouting some blasted fool line like:"You may be off the force, but you're not off the hook!"

Dark Kat must have heard about us, and figured we'd have it in for Feral.Or maybe he just liked what he saw when we were pursuing him.But before we knew it he showed up in the yard, wanting to show us the place's great secret:An old Megawar II hangar hidden beneath the main building.
He gave us the costumes and furnished the jet within a matter of days.Perhaps we were part of his plan long before we were ousted from the Enforcers—he seems t' know everything before it happens most of the time.

Within a month, his "SWAT Kats" were born, terrorizing the city seemingly at will.Sometimes distracting the Enforcers while Dark Kat's ninja did their work, other times simply doing the work directly.Always staying one step ahead of the Enforcers, with the help of Briggs—the Deputy Mayor.I never could believe that pretty she-kat is on Dark Kat's team, but I guess it makes sense, she's a cruel, nasty thing once you get t' know 'er.

Ah, well, after tomorrow the past, the present, and my perceptions of the kats in this worthless city won't will all be dust.

I feel my eyelids begin to drift closed, but I am startled back to wakefulness by the sound of Chance ripping whatever's left of the punching bag off the ceiling.
"Shut up, y' jerk!"I yell at him.
"Shut up yourself, scuzzball!"He roars back.

I should get up and kick his tail, but I don't care.Sleep is still upon me somewhat, and he's a little more quiet now.

Tomorrow Megakat City...will be your day of reckoning...

The End...

     Legalities: SWAT Kats Hanna-Barbera, story by LH-chan who just borrowed the characters for a moment. =^_^=

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