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Furry Art
Newer art on the later pages

Jessy-chan, with a gun! awaited Jessica Shardiana, from a novel I'm working on. Taking aim with a little blaster. I'd suggest ducking now, she's a pretty good shot... =^_^=
    :: Crayola Pencils on Printer Paper ::
Raiden Emerarudoguriin A sorta funky looking Jessica doing her Raiden Emerarudoguriin attack. Should mean Emerald Green Thunder and Lightning...if I spelled it right. ^.^;
    :: Same as Above ::
Blaze A simple pencil of a re-created duck character, the the Japanese in the corner sez...I hope...I'm still learning. =^_^=
    :: 0.5 Mechanical Pencil ::
Erin Flame An old outfit and an old name, recreated in a kawaii kangaroo rat. Thus, Erin Flame is born, the first of my simply artistic characters...
    :: PrismaColor Markers...on Printer Paper ::
Look out Jessy! The first time I've used crayons to color a picture since way back in the days when I used to watch Power Rangers. Jessica looking like she's gonna get hit with somethin' big...I just love anime motion lines. =^_^=
    :: Crayola Crayons and Printer Paper ::
Soni-chan as LH-chan! The improved, non-sonic-y, version of well me...yeah, I have an outfit like that, & yeah the 49ers are my favorite team. I love PrismaColors...
    :: PrismaColor Markers on...awww you know ::

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