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Claw Another story character...from another story... This is the concept sketch of Rita "Claw" Ferina (It was Farina, but I found out that, that's some kind a oatmeal, heh) from "Claw & Slash: Vigliantes Born"
    :: 0.5 Mechanical Pencil ::
Uhh... Another of my bizzare ideas, a PowerPuff mouse...well a kangaroo rat or something... Anybody wanna help me name her?
    :: PrismaColor Markers on the usual ::
Too kawaii! I love this pic sooo much, an SD-ified Jessica in an attempt to replicate Takeuchi-sama's know the lil SD's in the artbooks. Too kawaii! Look at it!
    :: Crayola Pencils on Printer Paper ::
Well, it is skewed Like the filename suggests, this pic is skewed...I don't know exactly why... It just came out that way...
Hopefully the Japanese came out saying Champion of the Guardians too... =^.^;=
    :: Crayola Pencils on the usual & Paint Shop Pro ::
More kawaii-ness Another SD-ified Jessy, done back in ' technically it should come before the first one...all starry-eyed and kawaii; looks a lot like bara-chan's style actually. And what's with all the green in pics of her you ask...well green's sorta her image color...or something like that...
    :: Crayola Pencils on the all purpose medium ::
Before the Senshuken What, do I not draw anyone but Jessica... That's pretty much the size of it at the moment actually...but I get sooo much inspiration as I write that I just have to draw too.
    :: Gee, what do you think I used =^_^= ::

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