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In-Fequently Asked Questions
And their answers too...

     Happens all the time, people e-mail me questions and my server eats them. Or life runs me to the ground and sits on me and I don't respond for weeks. So to save you guys trouble (and me looking like a big jerk =^_~=), I started this list, with some of the questions I've been asked in the past. Eh, I still can't introduce a! =^_^v

Q: How much Japanese do you speak? Where did you learn?

A: much...somewhere between a little and a lot I guess, it's kinda hard to say. I know lots of words, and can speak some basic sentences. But I'm nowhere near seriously fleuent...yet. =^_^v
As for where I learned it...well, I watch more anime than is probably healthy, and pay attention to what the characters say to learn new words, and I've been using the "Japanese for Busy People" book series and this little book called "Japanese Verbs and Essentials of Grammar" to make sense out of the stuff I hear in the anime.
And of course there's always my crummy Japanese dictonaries, which rarely ever contain the words I'm looking for. =^_^;=

Q: Can I use your picture/story/graphics/whatever for some purpose or other?

A: Uh, yes and no... =^_^;= If you intend to take my stuff, post it somewhere else, and take credit for it yourself; I'll have a strong urge to roast you on a spit (and you clearly didn't see all the little banners and stuff on my mainpage =-_-;=).
But otherwise, if you want to archive my stuff somwhere, just let me know. I'll happily say yes while groveling at your feet (LH-chan loves to be archived! =^_^=).
And as for free graphics of course you can take them, that's why they're "free". I'd love it if you linked back to me though, and better yet, e-mailed me the link to the site you used them on so I can see. =*_*=

Q: You didn't answer my e-mail! Are you ignoring me?

A: No! I swear I'm not ignoring you! I like to answer e-mail. The problem is most likely my lousy ISP, that tends to be buggy, down a lot, and lose stuff from time to time. Either that or real life has me in a headlock and I'm not answering anybody.
If I don't answer just send it again, if nothing else two copies of an e-mail might get my attention better than one. =^_~=

Q: Will you draw [insert request] for me?

A: Maybe, if you catch me at the right time. And especially if you want to do an art trade, I love those.
But, remember, I have one of those obnoxious things called a real life too, and it's really quite busy, so I might take a while sometimes. And then there's always that e-mail problem. =^_^;=

Q: The Japanese on this page/picture is wrong, did you know that?

A: On old art I usually do (like in the piccie of Usagi), but when I drew the pic I thought it was right; so I've just opted to leave it alone and do better in the future (AKA: LH-chan is too lazy to fix it on the computer. =^_^;=)
If it's on the pages themselves there's a better chance I don't know, I've been katakana-izing the page titles in my head for practice rather than using a tool to do it. Either way, let me know, just in case I don't know something or I just haven't noticed (I make lots of mistakes you know =^_^;=).

Q: Calling yourself LH-chan is lousy Japanese, did you know that?

A: Hai, hai... I know, but just like with the pictures, when I started using the name I didn't know it was impolite to give your own honorific, and by the time I learned it was wrong the name was pretty stuck. (That and I still think it sounds cute...I can be a silly little gaijin sometimes can't I. =^_^=) And I answer to regular old LH too. =^_~=

Q: Why do you write/draw that gross shoujo/shounen-ai stuff?

A: I dunno...I rather like the stuff I've done really. And I don't really think anything I've ever written or drawn (or anything I probably ever will write or draw) it explicit enough to be gross. But if it bothers you, just pretend it's not there (hopefully I mark stuff well enough for you to do that =^_^;=), but you'll miss lots of sugar-fluff and action. =^_^=

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