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Baka LH-chan no Nihongo Jiten

     Well, I figured with all these Japanese words that seem to float around my site it's about time I had one of these pages. So here it is; with all the words I can think of...and hopefully all the words floating around the site, with places in different anime the words are used for reference by a lot of the definitions. (I watch way too much anime... =^_^;=)

     Anyway, I'm awful at introducing onward to the good stuff... =^_^=

     .:Honorifics:. (I use these a lot)

-chan - Can be used on the end of a young girl or boy's name, or for a friend you know well. As well as an insult to a person who's not a child. (Zoisite used this for Mamoru in Sailormoon when he was talking through the TV.) The name can also be shortened: Jessica can be Jessy-chan, Otome can be Oto-chan.
(BTW, the way I use this in the name LH-chan is terrible Japanese; it's impolite to give a honorific with your own name. But I'd been using the name for a while by the time I learned that, and its sorta stuck by now. =^_^=)

-kun - Used for older boys (Heero-kun, Logan-kun), also for people inferior to you (Professor Tomoe calls the Witches5 this way in Sailormoon). When used for boys the name can be shortened too (makes it cuter, bishounen fangirls love to use this), Wufei can be Wu-kun, and Heero can be Hee-kun.

-san - The all purpose honorific, this can be used for almost anyone without being rude.

-sama - Used for people who are greatly respected. I use this for WhiteCat, along with the Japanese version of her name (ShiroNeko-sama) because I respect her for her writing. I also use this for most mangaka. =^_^=

-hime - "Princess", as in Mononoke-hime, or Yumeko-hime.

-ouji - "Prince", like Vegeta-ouji.

-ou - "King." Van from Escaflowne is called Fanelia-ou. (dunno the word for Queen =^_^;=)


watashi - The all purpose form of "I". Anyone can use this, but it would sound rather odd from a young kid. (Used by Relena in GundamWing, and nearly every other adult in anime I can think of.)

atashi - The form of "I" used by girls. I've heard it has something of a tough girl connotaion, but I've really never noticed it. (Used by the younger Sailorwarriors, Meimi in Saint Tail, and just about every other girl I can think of.)

boku - The form of "I" used by more polite boys as well as some girls. This is the one I see as having a tough girl connotation myself. (Used by Quatre in GundamWing, Shigeru in Pocket Monsters, and Haruka in Sailormoon.)

ore - The rough way for a boy to say "I". I have never heard a girl use this one, it would probably be very improper. =^_^= (Used by Satoshi in Pocket Monsters, all the pilots but Quatre in GundamWing, and just about every other guy I can think of.)

     .:Other Words:.

ai - "Love." One of the ways to say love anyway. =^_^=

akai - "Red." (Hikaru from Rayearth uses this in some of her attacks.)

anou - "Um." Yeah, really, it's sort of a sound effect word. =^_^=

anata - The normal polite way to say "you."

aoi - "Blue." (Umi from Rayearth uses this in some of her attacks.)

arigatou - "Thank you."

baka - "Stupid." "Foolish." All-purpose way of insulting someone's intelligence. (Yuu from Marmalade Boy sounds unbelievably cute when he says this. =^_^=)

bishoujo - "Beautiful girl." (The Sailorwarriors call themselves this. "Bishoujo Senshi")

bishounen - "Beautiful boy." There's a particular look to guys like this...they almost look like girls sometimes. (The pilots from GundamWing and all the guys in Utena are bishounen.)

chibi - A derogitory word for "short." But it has developed a conotation of cute, like the SD art style, as well as cute characters like Chibiusa from Sailormoon.

chikyuu - "Earth."

ecchi - "Preverted." (Is used every so often in Sailormoon.)

genki - "Energetic." "Healthy." (This is the name of the main character in Monster Farm, who is very energetic. =^_^=)

gomen - "Sorry."

hashirigaki - "Hasty Scribbles." (I used this as part of the title for my online diary.)

heishi - "Soldier." This is the actual word for soldier, though "senshi" is translated that way a lot. It seems resonably accurate to switch them around though. (Zechs in GundamWing uses this word quite a bit. I just think its a pretty word. =^_^=)

hidoi - "Cruel." "Mean." (Usagi from Sailormoon says this a lot.)

hitomi - "Eye." (This is the name of the main girl in Escaflowne.)

hogosha - "Guardian." (This is the title of the warriors who aren't Senshuken in my story.)

hoshi - "Star."

iro - "Color."

itai - "Ouch." Something of another sound effect word.

-jin - "Of a group." (In Dragonball Z, the majority of the main characters are Saiya-jin. People of the Saiya group.)

jiten - "Dictonary."

kawaii - "Cute"

kaze - "Wind."

kisama - A not so nice way to say "you." Actually, I've heard the literal translation is "Lord of the Donkeys" or something close to it. I haven't found out yet, but from the look of the word it might be. =^_^;= (Wufei from GundamWing uses this word contsantly. =-.-;=)

korosu - "Kill." (Heero from GundamWing uses this word a lot. =^_^=)

koi - Another way to say love...also carp. =^_^;=

koibito - "Lover."

kowai - "Scary," "scared." (Ryoko from Tenchi Muyo spends the entire first episode of the TV series yelling this. =^_^=)

kuso - All purpose swear word. Stronger than "shimatta," usually translated as damn or shit.

maboroshi - "Mysterious," "phantom," "legendary." (In Escaflowne Earth is "maboroshi no tuski," the phantom moon; and in Pocket Monsters Lugia is "maboroshi no pokemon," the legendary pokemon.)

midori - "Green." (Fuu from Rayearth uses this in some of her attacks.)

minna - "Everyone." I usually use this in ML introductions with the honorific -san attached, to make it more polite. (Usagi from Sailormoon uses this word a lot.)

mizu - "Water." (This is part of Sailormercury's name: Mizuno Ami (Friend of Water).)

mou - Another sound effect-type-word. Frustration. Like a spoken sigh.

nani - "What?" (I like to use this word with "kore." "Nanikore?" Meaning "what's that?")

neko - "Cat."

nezumi - "Mouse."

nihon - "Japan."

nihongo - "Japanese."

onegai - One of the ways to say "please." (Chibiusa from Sailormoon uses this word in her speach to call Pegasus.)

otome - "Maiden." (Pegasus calls Chibiusa this in Sailormoon.)

owari - "End." (I use this at the end of a lot of my stories...'cause it's a pretty word. =^_^=)

raiden - "Thunder and Lightning."

seigi - "Justice." (Wufei from GundamWing uses this word a lot. I like to use this word with "ja nai." "Seigi ja nai." Meaning "not justice," when I'm mad about something. =^_^=)

senshi - "Warrior." (The Sailorwarriors call themselves this. "Bishoujo senshi.")

senshuken - "Champion," "championship," "person of high rank." (This is Jessica Shardiana's title in my story.)

shimatta - All purpose swear word often translated as damn. Doesn't seem to be that strong though, even little kids use it. (This is one of the first words we hear Asuka Jr. from Saint Tail say.)

Shinigami - The name of the Shinto God of Death. (Duo from GundamWing calls himself this. =o.o;=)

shoujo - "Girl."

shounen - "Boy."

sora - "Sky." (This is the name of one of the girls from the first series of Digimon Adventure.)

sugoi - "Good," or "bad." Depending on inflection.

-tachi - Can be added on to the end of a name to denote a group. (Tuxedo Kamen in Sailormoon uses this word when refering to the Outer Sailors. "Uranus-tachi.")

tomodachi - "Friend."

tsuki - "Moon."

umi - "Sea." (This is the name of one of the girls from Rayearth.)

ureshi - "Happy."

usagi - "Rabbit." (This is Sailormoon's given name. =^_^=)

yaoi - An acronem for "yama nashi, ochi nashi, imi nashi," which means "no peak, no point, no meaning." The slang term for an m/m relationship; usually implies sex.

yume - "Dream."

yuri - The female counterpart of yaoi. Can't remember what this one is short for though. =^_^;=

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