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Favorite web haunts an' stuff...

    .:Art-y Stuff:.
  Side 7 - The only furry art archive that actually lets me post my stuff! ::keels over in shock::
  YERF! - Source of endless creative inspiration... *whines* I w-anna get on!!
  Axer Industries - Axer-sama is a great artist!
  Missy's Page - Crossroads of all things Missy.
  Kristen's SWAT Kat Gallery - Why even come to my page when you could go here.
*Wait! Come back! I was kidding!* But she still puts my best stuff to shame. Thanks for the link Kristen-sama!
  ~bara-chan's cyber garden~ - Yet another artist who greatly puts me to shame... =^_^=
  WhiteCat's World - I like this place, ShiroNeko-sama writes the best fics! Beware shounen-ai if it's not your thing tho'. (Top picks: Anything...everything she writes is really good!)
  Sly's Homepage - Tracy Butler's site, she's an incredible artist. Go there!
  The LitterBox - Home of Ratté Jessica-sama, artist of wonderful pics of my characters! Go visit her! =^_^=
  Chordsy's Page - Yay! Dawn Best-sama has a new webpage, we finally get more of her wonderful art.
  Furry Tails - (Japanese) Wow, wow, a Japanese furry site, the first one I've ever seen, kawaii~i!
  B-chan's Homepage - Dragonball Z stuff. Oooh, the gorgeous art, the amazing fics! Go here now! =^_^=
  Firecat's Fanfics - *drools* Firecat-sama writes wonderful stories. (Top Picks: "Swords Dance," gorgeous Weiß Kreuz yaoi fic. And "Come Undone" the most incredible GundamWing fic. =^_^=)
  The Westlakean - The first online manga that I really like...ah, I can't think of a good description, just trust me and read it! (I have fanstuff here too! ::does happy-dance-of-joy::)
  Valhalla - Gateway to the sites of amazing artist Ruaki-sama. Do read her warnings before entering...'s why they're there doncha know. =^_~=

    .:Drooling Fan Stuff:.

  Otaku World - Another great big anime site: Downloads, Games, and the "Big KISS Page!"
  Dave's Itty-Bitty Furry Toons Page - Sonic, SWAT Kats, Rescue Rangers, Tale Spin...and then some! Tons a screen grabs an' cool stuff.
  The Complete Manga Translation Index - Manga scripts and fanscans!
  AnimeFandom - E-mail, webspace, Pocky, endless expanses of great anime stuff! I got my mechapilot e-mail addy here. =*_*=
  The Anime Web Turnpike - The links site for the anime web outsite Japan. - Tons and tons of fanfics on loads of different series, some junk, lots of good stuff though.

  PlanetNamek - An incredible source for Dragonball info...especially since Tankouban DB moved there!
  The MiSTing of DBZ - MiST's of the dubbed episodes, need I say more...
  If I Ever Become A Dragonball Character... - Very cute... =^_^=

  Aishiteru - One of the big GW fanfic archives. As the domain suggests, it's totally non-yaoi, but there are many very good stories. =^_^= (Favorites: "Survive!", and almost any of the comedy fics.)
  GW Addiction - Another of the big GW fanfic archives. Lots of yaoi. The majority of fics from the GWML are archived here. - A huge page of all things GW related, loads of fun stuff.
  Spandex and Braids - Oooh, gorgeous, glossy, content-filled, 1x2 site! Very pretty, definately yaoi tho'. =^_~=
  ~*Heero is not Toast [& Other Gundam Wing Facts]*~ - Strange title, ne? Well, that's actually what the site's about too...absolutely hilarious! A personal favorite. =^_^=

   .:Harry Potter:. - The offical site...and an actually good offical site too. Get sorted into a Hogwarts house and everything. (Yay, I'm in Gryffindor! =^_^=)
  Harry Potter Personalities - Tons of cute buttons for webpages and such.
  Astronomy Dominie - Super cute anime style HP art (I'm not the only one! =^_^=), and adorable, adoptable chibi characters. (Chibi Quidditch Harry! =*_*=)
  Lumos—A Harry Potter Font - That great chapter title and header font used in the books computerized. Daisuke!! =*_*=

   .:Pocket Monsters:.
  The Pokémon Fanfiction Archives - "From Love to Fall" and "Flat-Line" are good ones here, although they're AAMRN. =^.^;=
  Satoshi Kimi ni Kimeta! - (Japanese) A huge Satoshi fansite, with loads of beautiful artwork and short manga too. Has an English counterpart called Ash's House, but the really good stuff's on the Satoshi side.
  Loose Change - Leto-sama's spectacular Pokémon fansite. Read her fanfics, they're great!
  Satoshi | Town - (Japanese) Sugoi! This has got to be one of the best sites I've found in quite a while, if only for the calendar and the icons, not to mention the super cute art. =^-^=
  Universal Pokémon Network Turnpike - The AniPike of the PokéWeb. =^_^=
  Kappaarunpa Room - (Japanese) Or at least that's the best translation I could come up with. =^_^= Super cute art and wonderful icons! Love it!
  Sato-chan's Room - (Japanese) A site dedicated to the girl Satoshi sorta seen in the Rainbowbadge episode. Cute, great art!
  ShigeSato no Heya - Great, great artsite! Just go look at it, the art is so cute! =^_^=

  grep Sailormoon* - The big Sailormoon archive; pics, software, desktop stuff...
  Manga Style - Artbook translations, manga pics, and webpage help...all Sailormoon!
  The Worst of Sailormoon on the Web - The Amazoness Quartet, saving the net from the stupid! Yay!
  KatC's Sailormoon Goodies - Sailormoon emu. games!
  Silent Walls of Destruction - Pretty, pretty, glossy Sailorsaturn shrine! It's beautiful, and in a similar color scheme to the one I use, I'm so put to shame. =^_^=
  - e i n e - k l e i n - m u u n m u s i k - - Gorgeous Sailormoon music site, and with frames at that...not only that but they have Holy Grail (the "La, la, la... Sailorsaturn song) in MP3! =^_^=

   .:Sonic the Hedgehog:.
  team ARTAiL - The ultimate Sonic with Pokémon too!
  Sonic HQ - Another of the best Sonic sites.
  [Sonic ISLAND] - (Japanese) Oooh, a Japanese Sonic site, they're always the best, and this one is good. =^_^=

   .:SWAT Kats:.
  The SWAT Kats Fanfiction Archive - Anything (co)written by Kristen Sharpe, the "Choices" series, and the "Ashes to Ashes" series are my top picks here.
  Strike's SWAT Kats Zone - Model sheets, WAV's, the SWAT Kats art archive...
  Klawz's SWAT Kats Devotional - SWAT Kards, model sheets, artwork...lotsa swatty stuff.
  MSKAC - The "Monthly SWAT Kats Art Challenge," one of these days I'll send something in on time.
  Nikkitrina's Realm - Another great SWAT Kats site, with tons and tons a screen grabs. Yea!

  VKLL Fansubs - Sailormoon and St. Tail subs, great cases too!
  Glen A. Pierce - Purveyor of seemingly infinite fansub tapes. And fast too! Love this place! =^_^=
  Megchan's Pages - Oooh, so much good stuff! J-pop, Digimon, and check out the dubbing page she's got good tapes! =^_^=
  Glass Rose Distrubution - Lots of stuff here. Nice cases and labels and very fast!
  Chiaki Fansubs - I have spent so much money here! Great cases and labels and just tons of stuff. One of the best! =^_^=

  "Pollitically Correct" Cartoons - Not for the liberal, but very kawaii otherwise.
  Japanese <-> English Dictonary Server - Really fun, an' handy if you need the right characters for artwork!
  TEGLET - Get your name in Kanji!
  Evil Overlord Inc. - Home of the Evil Overlord lists...funny stuff.
  Moochers - Lots and lots of free software.
  The Furry Resource Page - A little like a furry "Yahoo!"... =^_^=
  Lee's (Useless) Super-Hero Generator - A script that generates random super-heroes, very cute.
  Furry Grand Central - Yay! More Furry Stuff!
  Skylight Weasel Productions - Home of Ratfink Lightshadow and Co., neat site, lots of stuff.
  Font Frenzy - More fonts than it seems possible to go through.
  BigMog - A great anime game MP3 site, t'was through their links page I found "I am the Wind" from Castlevania: SOTN...and I looked for that song for ages!
  The Brunching Shuttlecocks - This site is too funny, and the webpage toys are cool, go look! =^_^=

Side 7

Trixie Turnpike, DBZ-ified
The Anime Web Turnpike

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