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Pics by Others
My absolute favorite things! =*_*=

Sugoi, sugoi Jessy-chan! The first pic from an art trade with Jessica Ratté-sama, I love the pose and she absoutely nailed Jessy's first outfit! I love it sooo much! =*_*=
=*_*= The second pic from the same trade...the pose is so Jessy, and I love the way the back of her hair is drawn...I never thought of doing it that way! (Ya know, it is really hard to write about a character named Jessica drawn by a person named Jessica. =^_^;=)
Kyaa~a! Ureshi~i! =^_^= A total surprise pic that showed up in my e-mail box. Kristen Sharpe drew Jessica in return for the pic I did of T-Bone from one of her fanfics. Jessy's got her energy wings and everything! It's just too great isn't it! =*_*=

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