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LH-chan's online chapbook... =^_^=

   Sonic-y - One of the first poems I can remember writing...about Sonic & Knuckles.
   Sonitia-y - About a story I wrote long ago...hmmm, maybe I'll post the story some time.
   A Personal Creed - A favorite of mine, written suddenly for a school project...and I've never changed a word...
   Swinging - Written one day while I was...well swinging...something I hadn't done in years.
   People say... - A poem written for an "about me" page on another site.
   Fighters and Dreamers - An odd little refection on fighters and dreamers...not really that acurate tho'.
   We mourn... - A sad funeral-type poem.
   Peace in the Night - The aftermath of wanting to write a poem about the SWAT Kats...
   Minds eye - An unusually formatted poem, about the evolution of Jessica Shardiana's character.
   Satoshi - About the character from "Pocket Monsters" (Ash in "Pokémon"), my favorite anime character at the moment.
   Yumeko... - A warm-up for a story I'm starting to work on, Hogo Hime Yumeko (Protector Princess Yumeko (Dream-girl). This sounds really good if you sorta chant it. =^_^=
   Dreaming - An odd thought I had while I was in a poetic mood.
   You will not know my name... - Another sorta "warm up" poem for Hogo Hime Yumeko. Prob'ly deeper if you know the story, but it's still neat. (BTW, "Maiden of the Stars" refers to the main character, Hoshino Otome, whose name means just that.)
   To Kasumi: - Another "Pocket Monsters" (Pokémon) poem, a reflective view of Kasumi (Misty) from Satoshi's (Ash's) perspective.
   Desperation - The, almost, end of the first book in Jessica Shardiana's story, "Cardilli no Senshuken" (Champion of Cardilli) poem-ized. =^_^=
   Destiny - Another product of a poetic moment. (Must've been, judging by the liberal use of the word "thee.")
   Searching - I wanted to write an intro poem for the main site, and this is the result. All those extra lines of text didn't look good tho', so I put it here instead. =^_^=
   The Road - A poem I wrote to inspire myself on a bad day...proving once more that I am eternally an optimist! =^_^=
   Rise Again - I sat down and said, "I'm going to write a poem." Didn't really intend it to be so dark tho', but I really like how it turned out anyway.
   A Star - Dunno what brought this on. I guess it's an ideal figure of mine eternal light. Kya...
   One Star - I guess you could call it my homage to the inimitable WhiteCat, as it is inspired by her Pocket Monster Special story "One Star." Go read it, you know you want to. (Neko-sama's story I mean...then come back and read the poem.) =^_^;=
   Don't Remind Me - Just a little something about myself, and dealing with bad times. Written during bad times.
   Crazy - 'Cause I don't really know what to title it. Anyway, it's an older poem that I found while looking for something else (my Japanese word lists...still haven't found them =^_^;=), and I still think it's pretty neat.

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