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Sonitia and Daniel Yet another, rather bad, pic...scanned before I knew how to operate the scanner, and it shows—well, that and it was a real rush job. Excuses, excuses. =^_^=
    :: Crayola Pencils on Printer Paper & Paint Shop Pro ::
Soni vs. Darkie A rather odd, but kinda good, lookin' shot of Dark Quill and Sonitia in of these days I'll finish my PrismaColor re-ink of this one. ::need silver marker...need silver marker::
    :: The ol' Stand-By ::
Soni, from a letter A cute lil pic of Sonitia, from a letter I wrote to a friend a looooong time ago.
    :: Well, what do you think I used? ::
Shanala, from the same letter A very early pic of Shanala, from the same letter.
    :: More of the Same ::
Dark Quill appears depressed Dark Quill, looking very depressed in one my first marker colored pics in ages, and with my first effective flood fill! Yea!
    :: Crayola Markers on Printer Paper & Paint Shop Pro—*Gasp* A Change! ::
SatAm Soni A favorite pic of Sonitia that I almost forgot to post, drawn in the SatAm style, and very kawaii...
    :: Crayola Pencils on...well what else... ::

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