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Sonitia Adventure? Inspired by the promo sheets for "Sonic Adventure," Soni's sheet...poem, background and all. PrismaColor Pencils are really cool! =^_^=
    :: PrismaColor Markers & Pencils, 0.4 Pentel Hybrid Gel Pens, & Paint Shop Pro ::
Sonitia as a game sprite! =^_^= An old project I found buried in the bowels of my hard-drive, a sprite from the game "Sonic & Knuckles" edited to be Sonitia instead. Pretty good for old work in PhotoFinish 4. =^_^=
    :: PhotoFinish 4 ::
An old soldier and a young light? I like this old picture a lot. Sonitia-chan and Kary Violet, I was trying to make Soni look sad and distant and Kary young and exuberant...well their hands are strange...what does anyone else think?
    :: Crayola Colored Pencils on Printer Paper ::
Hiding from the Oppressors You'd never imagine that I'd just gotten my Sonic plushie when I drew this would you? =^_^= Anyway, the kid Soni hiding from her world's coup.
    :: Crayola Pencils on Printer Paper ::
At one point this picture had some Hiragana which I thought said "Sonitia Hedgehog," well it didn't, so I cropped it of and saved the pose, which I like very much. =^_^=
    :: Crayola Pencils on Printer Paper ::

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