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SWAT Kats Art
Newer art in the higer numbers

Dark T-Bone Hmmmm, somebody looks ready to kill... And even after all the detail I went to, to make this accurate...the colors are still off... :P
    :: Crayola Pencils on Printer Paper ::
Tuxedo T-Bone When I get a weird things happen; like this for instance. T-Bone as Tuxedo the rose tho'
    :: More of the Same ::
T-Bone, grinning...too kawaii! A pic from a letter I wrote to my Aunt, a sorta SD T-Bone...rather kawaii really... And I got the grin! Yea!
    :: Crayola Pencils on...oh why not guess =^_^= ::
Razor ...and acourse Razor too, from the same 're a little messed up, but not too bad.
    :: Same Stuff a'course ::
Dreamscape A quick sketch I colored, called Dreamscape 'cause I saw the shot in a dream I can't remember; though I think something happened to Razor. T-Bone's face is a little messed up, but the interior cockpit looks wonderful.
    :: Oh, what do you think ::
Razor & T-Bone Proving that my pencil sketches are far superior to my finished fact I was afraid to ink this one 'cause I thought I'd screw it up. =^_^=
    :: 0.5 Mechanical Pencil ::

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