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Sonic-y Art
The bigger the page number, the newer the art

Sonitia Hedgehog, computer colored I hate computer coloring; that's what doing this pic has taught me...the whole experience was horribly irritating. =^_^=
    :: PhotoFinish and Paint Shop Pro ::
Dark Quill A funky pic of Dark Quill that I still kinda like...and I still love the background. Her eyes are supposed to be light blue...the ol' scanner doesn't know that tho'
    :: Crayola Pencils on Printer Paper & Adobe PhotoDeluxe ::
Super Deformed Sonja I don't know why I keep this pic around...I guess it's kinda cute though. Sonja with her feathers falling out in a convenient frame.
    :: Crayola Pencils on Printer Paper—yes I know I need a new medium ::
Dark Quill One of the first pics of Dark Quill...maybe one day I'll color this...need silver Prisma Marker :P
    :: 0.8 RollerBall Pen ::
Little Dark Quill Aww, Dark Quill as a little kid. In coloring book format no less. Yes I did color it that way on purpose.
    :: Crayola Pencils on Printer Paper ::
Ummmm...marshmallows! One of the oldest pics I'm willing to post on the looks terrible, but hey, I like it! =^_^=
    :: Crayola Pencils on Printer Paper & Adobe PhotoDeluxe ::

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